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Collector Car Insurance Specialists for Washington & Idaho 

Collector Insurance is specialized coverage for specialty vehicles such as Hot Rods, Street Rods, Muscle Cars, Old Trucks, Tractors, Race Cars and many other specialty vehicles. It's designed to provide Agreed value coverage.

Collector Car Insurance is a great way to get the best protection for your ride. Why collector insurance? Answer: It gives you agreed value insurance for your car. Why not have it on your regular insurance policy? Answer: Your regular insurance policy is not agreed value it's "ACV" Actual Cash Value. ACV is a depreciated value policy. The insurance company you have your personal auto insurance with is an ACV policy even if you have your car insured for a specific value like $30,000 on your personal policy it's still an ACV policy. This means if you lose your car in a garage fire the company will settle with you on a depreciated value rather than the value you thought you had on it. Collector insurance is agreed value and if you lose your car in a collision or fire the company settles with you at the value you had it insured for like $30,000.

What's the advantage of a local agent who is a collector car entheusist? Answer: you have someone you can go face to face with if you have questions. A real person who can discuss your needs or help get the value increased on your car. Maybe you buy another collector car and wonder if you have coverage they can help you with that.  

Ron & Karen Ballew's 1941 Ford Pick-Up Custom.

Rich & Julie DeHart's 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner

"Insurance is my business but Collector Cars, Muscle Cars & Hot Rods are my life" Rich DeHart.


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    * Safeco Collector Car Insurance

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